Online Wallet

⭐ Bonuses & Gifts ⭐
Each user gets £0.10 in their wallet as a FREE gift from us, when they register an account!

With our online wallet, you can easily deposit money to use for buying tickets later or to play our CashSweeper game. No need to type in your card details every time! It’s especially handy if you buy tickets frequently or if you’re in a rush. Just load up your wallet with funds, and then buy tickets directly without the hassle of entering card information. If you ever decide to withdraw any funds, you can do that as well, the money in your wallet will be transferred to your account when you decide that.

Imagine topping up your wallet using your card and then seamlessly buying tickets straight from your online wallet. No more card details required.

  1. No need to repeatedly enter card details for ticket purchases
  2. Enhanced security and safety
  3. Speeds up the process for hassle-free transactions
  4. Simple process: top-up your balance and use your wallet to pay directly during checkout
  5. And the most exciting part is here – you can only play the CashSweeper game using your wallet.

*As mentioned earlier, any money in your wallet can be transferred to your account. You can top-up, withdraw and see logs very easily! To do that, either click on your balance, or CLICK HERE